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At the Dixonian Bowls Club committee meeting held on the 26th September 1986, Mike Parsons proposed that a mixed bowls league be formed. This league would comprise of local clubs. He presented  provisional rules and points system for such a league. The committee agreed in principle with the idea, and the Club Secretary Des Walsh was asked to circulate all local clubs with the proposal. This was carried out, and nine clubs were requested to consider forming such a league. Unfortunately the proposal was not acceptable to some of the clubs, due to the fact that not all the clubs played each other, and they would have difficulty arranging new fixtures. Some of the clubs already played in the ESA Village League. However there were five clubs who agreed with the idea. Des Walsh proposed that with the five clubs response the league would be viable. The club committee agreed to the formation of a league with the consideration that once started, the idea would snowball with other mixed clubs wanting to join.

During October 1986 the Dixons Distribution Director Mr David Oldroyd made it known that he would like to present a trophy to the Mixed Bowls League (Camera House Cup). Des Walsh and Mike Parsons had a meeting with David Oldroyd, who agreed to sponsor the league.

In March 1987 the sponsors of the Village league, Esavian Supply Association (ESA) closed its Stevenage plant. A meeting of the Village League Clubs was called, and representatives from the Dixonian Bowls Club were invited to attend. Mike Parsons and Des Walsh attended this meeting, at which it was agreed to continue with this association, but sponsorship would be the problem.  Mike Parsons proposed that the league continue, but under the original proposal of the Mixed League but with sponsorship from the Dixons Group of Companies, and the admission of the Dixonian Bowls Club to replace the ESA Bowls Club and with revision of the existing rules. This proposal was provisionally accepted by all clubs, but would be subject to a presentation of the revised league rules by Mike Parsons at a meeting on the 27th April 1987.

At the April meeting all eight clubs were represented, Mike Parsons distributed the proposed league rules, which were discussed at some length, and accepted for the 1987 season. However it was agreed by all they should be reviewed again at the end of the 1987 season. It was also agreed the old Esavian Village League Shield would be use as the trophy for the proposed new Knockout Competition. The meeting also agreed that Mike Parsons would be the Mixed League Secretary.

The eight clubs which formed the mixed bowls league were:-

Aston BC ~ Dixonian BC ~ Datchworth BC ~ Holwell BC ~ Kimpton BC ~

Knebworth BC ~ St.Ippollitts BC ~ Willian BC

The aim of this Association is to encourage clubs in the Stevenage & District Area to play mixed bowls.

(Written by the late Des Walsh 1987)

The old Esavian Village
League Shield

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