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Association News       Date: 25th September 2018 - 08.45am
Dear Association Members,

It's all over! ... This record breaking summer season and I can now confirm that the winners with 91 points are Letchworth GC.
2018 Mixed League Champions - Letchworth Garden City BC,
Our Congratulations go to the Club & all its members.

In 2nd place is Riverain BC with 90 points and in 3rd place is St.Ippollitts BC on 89 points and in 4th place is confirmed as Howard Garden BC with 84 points, with all clubs having declared all 20 results. The 2018 summer season is complete.
Please could all clubs check tothere results and let me know if any have been recorded incorrectly.

Our Congratulations go to St.Ippollytts BC who are the 2018 Knockout Competition Champions
The 32nd Knockout Competition Final was played on the evening of Monday13th August. It was won by St.Ippollytts BC who won on three of the four triples rinks, scoring a total of 89 shots against Datchworth BC 59 shots. Well done to both teams

Please email your Mixed League as soon as possible to me.
Mike Parsons
Association Secretary

Date: 23rd February 2018
AGM Report - 21 members attended from 11 Clubs.

The Association Secretary opened the AGM at 7.25 pm. He asked the meeting for a moment’s reflection, for all of the local bowlers we will miss and have missed over the last few years, and for those we are going to miss on the bowling greens this year (2018).

1) Apologies for absence: Mary Martin & Bill.

2) 31st Presentation of the League & Knockout Winners & Runners-Up trophies.
The Association Secretary presented the League Trophy & Plaques to the following:-
League Winners - St.lppollitts BC (presented at their presentation evening) & Runners-up Plaque was presented to Stevenage Town BC
Knockout Winners - Stevenage Town BC & Runners-up Plaque was presented to Letchworth Garden City BC.

3)  Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (2017)
of the S&D Mixed Bowls Association held on 31st March 2017, which were previously circulated,
were accepted as a true record. Proposed by: D. Harris (Knebworth B.C.), Seconded by: P. Jones (Aston B.C.).  The VOTE was Carried Unanimously

4)  Matters arising from those AGM Minutes. – There were no matters arising.

5)  Secretary matters arising from the 2017 League Season.
a)   Overall League winners St.lppollitts BC with 96 points with 50 winning Rinks
 Runners-up Stevenage Town BC with 88 points with 39 winning Rinks,
 Third place Letchworth Garden City BC with 82 Points with 42 winning Rinks.
b)  Stevenage Town BC won the Knockout Competition 74 shots to 50 shots against Letchworth Garden City BC.
The Knockout Final was played 2 rinks home & 2 rinks away this year.
I was unable to visit he clubs on the night as I was myself playing in a competition.
c)   For the 2018 season, all clubs should use the website to send all your 2018 match results via the website form.
The website will continue to be the main way of supplying the most up to date information on the League & Knockout competition.
The site has been optimised for smart phones & tablet use.
d)   If any clubs have photographs of their clubs with bowls in action, please send to me as they can be used on the website.
e)   I would like to once again thank Anna Gilbert and Holwell B.C. for the use of their club house for the AGM.
f)   Accounts for 2017 were accepted as presented by the Association Secretary.
Proposed by:  T. Saunders (St. Ippollitts B.C.), Seconded by: N. Ward (Howard Garden B.C).  The VOTE was Carried Unanimously

6)  Proposed Affiliation/Entrance Fee for 2018.
It is proposed by: Mike Parsons (Association Secretary) that the fees for the 2018 season should again remain at £12 per club.
It was seconded by  P. Gilbert (Holwell B.C)   The VOTE was Carried Unanimously

7)      Knockout Competition Draw for the 2018 season was made with eleven league clubs entered. (Press here)
8)      Any other businesss.
Mike Parsons League Secretary - Proposed to the meeting that the mixed league format should be change to 4 Mixed Triples for the 2018 season and future seasons. He said the reason for his proposal was because the majority of the current league clubs were having difficulty in fielding 4 Mixed Fours rinks and did not want to play triples against fours, because of the resulting deductions which would make it more likely games would be cancelled and not played. He said that the league was 32 years old this year and he wanted the league to continue for many more years, with that in mind, Mike gave out a proposed modified set of league rules, which made changes to the existing rules 1, 2 & 17 with the changes in RED, as below.

1.  All games to be based on four rinks of three players (Triples). Clubs can mutuality agree, to play their league matches as 4 Rinks Fours, Ideally at would be agreed between each club at the start of the season.
2.  All games shall be of 18 ends, except if fours are played it would be 21 ends. To start a League Match a coin is to be tossed to decide who has the option of the Jack.
17. Clubs can mutuality agree to play their league matches as 4 Mixed Fours, Ideally at the start of the season.
After a long and full discussion on the merits for marking the changes to the mixed league and making it a triples league, it was proposed by P. Hills (Datchworth BC) & Seconded by R. Morton (Willian BC) to accept the modified rules and make the league triples.
The VOTE was Carried, 16 for the change and those against 5. It is now confirmed that the mixed league will be triples from now on.
There being no further business the secretary closed the meeting at 8.25pm
Mike Parsons
Association Secretary

League Tables
Press here
Match Results Press here

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