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Membership of the league will be open to any club within the area which is prepared to play Mixed Bowls & can arrange Home & Away fixtures with all of the present association members. The Knockout Competition will be open to any club which is a member of the Mixed Bowls League.

  • The Club which wins the Overall League will hold for the period of one year the Camera House Cup.

  • The Club which wins the Knockout Competition will hold for the period of one year Knockout Shield.

  1. All games to be based on four rinks of three players (Triples). Clubs can mutuality agree, to play their league matches as 4 Rinks Fours,   Ideally at would be agreed between each club at the start of the season.
  2. All games shall be of 18 ends, except if fours are played it would be 21 ends. To start a League Match a coin is to be tossed to decide who has the option of the Jack.
  3. League points will be awarded for the following: - 3 Points for an overall win (Total No. of shots), 1 Point for each winning rink (Total No. of Shots). Drawn rinks are to play an extra end to decide who wins the point, but any shots scored will not be added to the overall match total. To start an extra end a coin is to be tossed for option of the Jack.
  4. Rained off games (not started) are to be rearranged where possible. If this is not possible each club will be awarded 3 Points each. In the event of a League match being conceded by a club, only 4 points will be awarded to the opposition.
  5. A match is a minimum of 11 ends per rink. Abandoned matches after 11 ends or more being played, on each rink constitutes a result. The score at abandonment to stand. Points will then be awarded in the normal way.  Games abandoned before 11 ends are played, will be rearranged where possible restarting the game. If it is not possible to rearrange the match, rule 4 will apply.
  6. Bowlers playing in the league must be full members of the clubs they play for and can only play for one league club in a season.
  7. There must be a minimum of 4 ladies/4 men playing in a match for each club and there must be at least one lady/one man on each of the four rinks in a league match. If at any time mixed rinks cannot be played, those rinks will forfeit 20% of their score. A minimum of 4 shots is to be deducted. *
  8. In the event of two clubs having the same number of points at the end of the season, the club who has had the greatest number of winning rinks will be the winner. Should there still be a draw it will be decided on shots.
  9. The home club are to forward the match result card to the league secretary. This should be carried out as soon as possible
  10. The league secretary will provide via the associations website (, current status on the league match results and league table. This will be carried out on a weekly & sometimes daily basis depending upon receipt of result cards of matches played.
  11. In all matches, match score cards will be placed face down, paired off and rink numbers marked up by the visiting captain.
  12. League matches are to be played under Bowls England Ltd & World Bowls Rules unless domestic rules apply. The Home Teams are responsible for completing and getting the Match Result Cards signed and returned to the League Secretary, as soon as possible.
  13. At the end of the 2002 season, the league will split into two divisions. This will mean the top six clubs in the 2002 league, will form Division One and the bottom six clubs will form Division Two. In the event of any new club wanting to join the association they would join division two in their first year.
  14. The promotion and relegation between divisions will be on the two up & two down principle.
  15. The Division One & Two Winners Trophies will be known has the Des Walsh Trophies. The winners & runner-up will receive a Plaque each.
  16. If a player/team fails to appear and be ready to play within 30 minutes after the agreed time for the league match, the opponent(s) may claim a "walk-over" for each rink that does not start within the allocated time.
  17. Clubs can mutuality agree to play their league matches as 4 Mixed Fours, Ideally at the start of the season
* Forfeiture of points will only be applied once per rink &
Decimal place rounding up & down should be as below
( 0.1 to 0.5 = 0 and 0.6 to 0.9 = 1 )
The Home Teams are responsible sending the League Match Results via Website / Email to the Association Secretary, as soon as possible.
 (Division Rules 13, 14, 15 are suspended) & (Rules 1 & 7 Amended at the EGM
On 28th Sept 2007) Confirmed at the AGM 18th March 2008
Rules 1, 4, 7 & 10 Amended AGM 21st March 2014
Rule 17, added to clarify playing 4 Mixed Triples in League Matches, AGM 2015
Confirmed 31st March AGM 2017
Mixed league changed to Triples confirmed 23rd February AGM 2018
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